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And how we got here...

Randomix Productions didn't come about in the usual way most production companies do. In fact, if you told us 10 years ago we'd be in this industry - we'd think you were mad. 

We're originally from completely different worlds. Our group - Redworth Capital Group - is a gold standard in the medical devices world, as well as an international real estate company. But there was always something about storytelling that intrigued us, mystified us. That euphoric feeling, when the lights come on at the movie theatre at the end of a fantastic film, and the tsunami of thoughts and emotions that carry you as you leave the cinema - that magic - we fell in love with it.

So we wanted to be a part of the magic - to create it, share it, and experience it as wholly as possible. And now we're here - doing exactly that. From the outset, our goal was to only make movies that give us that feeling, so you can be sure that when you watch a Randomix Production film, we want you to feel it too. 

If you've got an inspiring, sensational, wild, emotional, powerful, encouraging, goose-bump inducing, unbelievable, awesome story you want to tell - get in touch. Let's make magic together.


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